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273-8506-011 electronic component of ITT

Connector Accessories Wire Filler White

Manufacturer: ITT
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131628 - Global Stock

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D-Sub Standard Connectors
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Wire Filler
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APD / DIN 72585 ConnectorsAPD / DIN 72585 Connector Features Contents Introduction Available with 2, 3 and 4 contacts, Introduction 2 Connectors with Bayonet Coupling current rating 30 A max. (4 mm2 wire) Features 2 Heavy Duty Environmental 6 and 7 contacts, current rating 16 A Benefits 2 Cable connector max. (1,5 mm2 wire) Receptacle with flange for front and Connector 4-way rear mounting 2-way High Power, up to 74 A max. - Technical Data 4-way 3 Jam nut receptacle (16 mm wire) - Plug Housing 4-way 4 High Power connector - Flange Receptacle 4-way 5 Customer tailored versions 1-way High Power up to 245 A max. - Jam Nut Receptacle 4-way 6 (please consult factory) (50 mm wire) - Contacts, Seals 4-way 7 - Tooling 4-way 8 APD is a direct, in-line and bulkhead sensor Low contact resistance connector that is resistant to engine, trans- Connectors 6-/7-way mission and brake fluid. It also boasts very High performance engineered materials - Technical Data 6-/7-way 9 low contact resistance, so you can benefit for continuous operation at - 40C / 125C. - Plug 6-/7-way 10 from maximum signal intergrity. APD is avail- - Flange Receptacle 6-/7-way 11 able in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 7 position versions Class K2: -40C/140C contact tempera- standard crimp contact and has been designed to meet all DIN 72585 ture for APD 4-Way and 7-Way press-in contact requirements. - Jam Nut Receptacle 6-/7-way 12 Environmental sealed to IP 69K standard crimp contact Applications for the 4- and 7-way connector press-in contact Sensors Individual wire seals - Contacts, Seals, 6-/7-way 13 Traction / Anti Skid Control - Tooling 6-/7-way 14 Brake Control (ABS) Hexagonal crimp profile at machined Magnetic Switch Control Systems contacts High Power Connector 1-way Valve Control ( Water, Oil, Air, Pressure) - Technical Data High Power 1-way 15 Lightening systems on Trucks and Hand insertable contacts - High Power Plug 1 - way 16 Trailers - High Power Flange Receptacle 1-way 17 Bayonet coupling - High Power Jam Nut Receptacle 1-way 18 Applications for the 1- and 2-way connector - High Power 1-way, Contacts 19 Keying - High Power 1-way, Contacts, Seals, 20 Power supply 4 different keying colors (2-, 3-, 4-way) - Tooling High Power 1-way 21 Power distribution 1 coding only (7-way and 2-way High Battery links Power) High Power Connector 2-way 2 coding possibility 2 different colors - Technical Data High Power 2-way 23 1 way High Power - High Power Plug 2-way 24 - High Power Flange Receptacle 2-way 25 Conduit flex tube termination with - High Power Jam Nut Receptacle 2-way 26 straight or 90 right angle endbells - Tooling High Power 2-way 27 - High Power 2-way, Contacts, Seals, 28 In acc. to GGVS Resp. ADR Custom made versions 22 Accessories 29 Conversion Chart 31 Product Safety Information 32 Benefits Meets sensors and actuators Easy contact assembly and installation Easy connector mating requirements into connector housing Coding possibilities avoid mismating Signal integrity for low current Easy contact assembly and installation during harness assembly applications into connector housing Excellent engine steam cleaning Survives harshest vehicle environment Enhanced durability during assembly protection Superior environmental sealing Low installed cost Specials available by request Dimensions are shown mm Dimensions subject to change 1

Tariff Desc

8536.69 CONNECTORS, multi-pin D sub-miniature type, male or female but NOT including connectors of the insulation displacement type or connectors imported with back shells or connectors assembled with back shells to form plugs or interconnecting leads made up utilising such plugs
Op. 30.10.1989 Dec. 15.05.1991 - TC 890862
ITT Cannon, LLC
ITT Corporation
ITT/Cannon Connectors